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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lessons from the Lawn -- Part 2

Lessons from the Lawn -- Part 2

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Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. – Romans 12:9

I got mad today. The riding mower wouldn’t shift into gear, the weed eater stalled, and I had grass up to my ankles. The flower beds were a mass (Yes mass, not mess). They were a mass of vines and weeds. Honeysuckle had swallowed the Mountain Laurel and morning glories, in all their glory, were overtaking the fence. My only option was the push mower.

My intentions were good. I’d shove the mower beneath the shrubs and cut the vines at the roots. Not a problem. Was I ever wrong.

The first pass under the bushes was fine and the second one, too, but then I hit a snag. The vines wrapped around the blade and stalled the lawnmower. I spent the next ten minutes untangling a clump of honeysuckle. If I started the mower once, I started it five more times. Start, push, stall. Start, push, stall. So, I got mad and gave up. I’d let my husband deal with the mess/mass. I did what any logical lawn care expert would do, I moved to the front yard to wreak havoc on the morning glory vines. To my surprise—the same scenario. Start, push, stall.

My patience was shot after the first five stalls and the unbelievable amount of honeysuckle. So I decided to pull the vines by hand. As a kid we used to pull honeysuckle blooms and sip the nectar. The flowers smelled wonderful and the nectar was sweet—but they’re deceptive little rascals. The fact remains, as pretty as they are, they’re still weeds. That’s how Satan is. He appears beautiful and sweet on the outside, encouraging us to drink from his cup, but beneath the surface he is nothing more than slithering evil. His aim is to stall us—stop us dead. When we let him fool us, let him in, then within hours his vines are covering us, choking us.

Don’t be fooled by the beauty of the vine—like I said, they’re deceptive little things. Hate what is evil and hold to what is good. Pull the vines before they cover you. Their roots are shallow and they pull from the soil with ease. Allow Christ His rightful place of honor and cling to Him.

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