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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Friday, May 16, 2008

HE SAID - SHE SAID - May 16, 2008

DreamsWork - He Said

“We were like men who dreamed, our mouths filled with laughter. Our tongues with songs of joy when the Lord brought back the captives.” Psalms 126:1-2
This morning the clouds moved in, turning my world gray. The enemy spoke from the fog, lobbing doubts. Causing me to question the light that I knew to be just beyond my reach. The attack was predictable but still deadly. “You are not,” “You never will,” “Why do you try?”I cried out to God, listing my fears.
Then I heard another voice. It, too, carried the haunting tone of despair. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
Later that morning a good friend of mine called to fuss at me because I dared to complain about the grayness of my world. Imagine that. Here I was looking down at the mud between my toes, wondering how I was gonna get unstuck from my melancholy mood and she said, “cheer up.”

What kind of silliness is that? I hung up on her.There was another dreamer who suffered doubt, who saw his dreams tossed into the pits. We find the beginning of that story in Genesis 37.“Joseph’s brothers noticed him from a distance, and before he came up to them, they plotted to kill him, for they said to one another: ‘Here comes that master dreamer!’”
The enemy hates our dreams, detests the visions God places within our hearts. For he knows if he can steal our heart and silence our prayers, then he will move us further from God's purpose for our lives.But God is faithful. That is why my friend fussed at me. She was reminding me to give in to God, give up to Him, and get down with my bad self — to fall on my knees and pray. To cry out, as Jesus cried out in the garden. To beg for mercy as Joseph begged in the well.
But it is not enough to dream. We must move. We must step forward in faith. Our dreams are not the destination, but they do point to the Promise Land. The vision God has placed in you is evidence of His hand massaging your heart, keeping your hopes alive until at last, you reach that good and pleasing land he has prepared for you.
What is your dream? What vision has God placed in your heart? Say it out loud. Commit it to paper. And then find a team of faithful prayer partners who will petition God on your behalf.When you do, you may find that His joy has replaced the clouds of doubt, filling your mouth with laughter and your heart with a new song.
I pray it will be so.

She Said -- Holy Cow
We were like men who dreamed, our mouths filled with laughter. Our tongues with songs of joy when the Lord brought back the captives." - Psalms 126:1-2

Work was over-it had been a long day. Call-in's, car issues, you name it, employees found any reason to bow out of work. The day was full of stress. My shoulder ached and my neck so tight it sent streams of burning down my arm and into my fingers. I was happy to shut the computer down and walk out the door.
I hopped in my SUV and headed to the church. There was work to be done there. When I started the car, the radio came on to the local Christian station and I reached up and punched the sunroof button. The back of my neck warmed, easing some of the tension. I flipped my right signal light and headed up the on ramp of Highway 93. I glanced in my side mirror for on-coming traffic and began to merge.
That's when I saw it. Eight-foot tall legs as big around as porch columns and utters-yes, utters dangling in the wind. Had I have been industrious I could have rolled the window down and milked that rascal. I smiled. Then I chuckled as the truck passed and I was able to merge behind the giant plastic cow. My speedometer said 45 mph. but I tapped the brakes because there was something inside me that said, "You don't want to be too close to the rear of that cow incase of a sudden stop. Who knows where you'd end up?" The cow tail flapped from side to side, spinning in circles, twisting around and I lost it. I completely lost it.I started to laugh out loud-in fact, I laughed so hard I snorted which only served to make things worse.
Forced to pull to the side of the road and laugh it off, I realized God had answered my prayers. Earlier in the day, when the stress was heavy, I pushed the door to my office closed and shot God an arrow prayer. "Ease this tension Lord, some humor would be nice."
He provided. There are times when life presses hard against our shoulders. Sometimes finding the laughter-the joy, is hard to do. But our Father loves us dearly and He wants us joyful. When His children are happy, when they are enjoying the idiosyncrasies of life, God smiles, too. Like any parent, He longs to bring the depth of His love into fruition. He wants to ease our frustrations and pain. The Father wants us to dream of the joys of life, and he wants us to hope. These are the things that help make us complete.
The next time I ask God to ease the tension, I'll be better prepared for His sense of humor. Until then, I'll still giggle at His Holy cow.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

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