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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Do Not Forget Them

Do not cast me away when I am old; do not forsake me when my strength is gone. – Psalm 70:9

I want to share a true story. Our office recently had cable phones and computer lines installed. As I waited for the young men to finish their installation, one of them picked up a brochure from the desk.
“You guys take care of old people. I thought they just went to nursing homes.” He looked somewhat perplexed.
“Yes, we care for the elderly. They don’t all have a need to go into a facility. Many just need a little extra help at home and they can manage.”
The young man flipped open the brochure scanning the inside. “That’s pretty cool. It would be like a …a…church is supposed to do.” he replied.
I pushed my glasses to my forehead and smiled. “Well, now that’s a good point.”
“I remember when I was a kid that our preacher told us the Bible said to care for the old people.” He pushed his finger beneath his ball cap and lifted the hat slightly.
“Your preacher was right, and I am sure if more churches did just that, there would not be a need for companies like ours. They’d put us out of business.” The young man laughed as he slipped the brochure back into the holder. I noticed, as he made a number of trips in and out of the office installing the phone lines, he would hesitate at that the desk and stare at the brochure.
Finally, he stopped once more and pulled out the brochure. “I love my grandparents. I could never imagine them being alone and having to have someone they didn’t know come take care of them. Why would a family forget their parents or grandparents? Better yet, why would churches forget them?”
I assured him there were plenty of good reasons why families would seek the help of companies like ours – it wasn’t because they didn’t care rather, they needed extra help. The real curve he threw me, was why didn’t Christians do this job? There, the young man had a point.
God has instructed us numerous times to care for our elderly, widows and orphaned children. He doesn’t offer it as a suggestion, He tells to do this. And while many “churches” are good at running a successful shut-in program, there are equally as many Christians who are not. Caring for our elderly is of the utmost importance. They gave birth to us and raised us. That should be reason enough for our concern. More so, they have earned the respect. Their lives are full of wisdom and knowledge – good information we need to learn. For the elderly who have loved ones to care for them, there are equally as many who do not.
Our Father has specifically instructed us to care for the needs of these individuals. He had good reasoning behind His instruction. Spend a little time visiting those who are older. Stop by their homes or visit them in the nursing homes. Remind them they are special and loved and that God has blessed them with great wisdom. There will come a day, when we sit in their chair. How would you like to be treated?

Prayer: Lord, forgive us when we forget our elders. Give us courage and determination to care for their needs as You have instructed.

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