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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Friday, August 17, 2007

Chapter by Chapter

This is the disciple who testifies to these things and who wrote them down. We know that his testimony is true. – John 21:24

Dave thumbed through the index cards on his desk, sorting them into a plotline. He made three stacks of cards then continually moved the cards from stack to stack as a magician would move cups with a hidden ball beneath. “Now that looks better.” he said as he made one final switch. “I can write now.”

He pulled his cushy chair close to the desk and began to tick away at the computer keys. Before he knew it, he had completed a chapter. Today was a good day to write, for the words flowed easily into the next chapter. Within a matter of hours he’d finished five chapters. Dave leaned back. His chair complained for a taste of oil. He felt good about his accomplishment.

Emily, Dave’s dark-eyed daughter peeked through the door. “Can I come in, dad?” He smiled an approving yes. “Wow, five chapters. That’s great dad. Does that mean you don’t have to write any tomorrow?”

Dave pulled a long strand of hair to the side of her face. “Nope. Daddy writes everyday. There’s another chapter to be crafted.”

This is typical of those of us who pen. We must write daily. It’s a deep passion – an unquenchable thirst to write chapter by chapter. There is a story in every incident of life. In fact, depending on who is writing it, there are several stories, and each has to be written.

Jesus brought together twelve men to walk daily with Him, and a handful of those men chose to write. Some wrote immediately while others penned the memories years later, but the fact remains – they wrote. Chapter by chapter these men continued to share the story of the Son of God. They wrote honestly and with passion, so that others could know the Savior they way they knew Him.

A writer continues to write, even when writing is difficult. They write. Word after word, chapter after chapter – they never stop telling the stories. As a Christian we should have that same burning desire to share the story. If we do not tell the story of Christ – who will? Day after day, example after example, we are the bearer of the Word.

Do writers always feel like writing? No, but they do. Why, what would we do if no one wrote the stories? Likewise, what would we do if no one shared Christ? When telling the story of Jesus becomes hard, many of us stop. Praise God, Jesus did not stop when the road to Calvary faced him. We can never afford to stop telling the stories of Jesus. We can never stop writing -- chapter after chapter.

Prayer: God of all creation, fill us with Your stories to write. Fill us with the desire to share the love of Christ.

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