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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Click on this button to hear this devotion Listen to Fear - by Cindy Sproles

I was scared. So scared, I couldn't walk between the school and the extended building. At 2:15 the high school kids would be standing in the breezeway blowing white streams of smoke in our faces and waiting to bully us. Being yanked us off our feet and dangled above the ground was not an uncommon thing. I'd had my share of being stuffed into a locker and I was scared to death. I hated this daily trek from the elementary school to the high school.

The county incorporated the high school and elementary bands to add to the number. We were sixth graders, walking into the high school on the "bad" side of the building. Even when the teachers stood watch, I shook until I was safe inside the band room.

I hated being afraid. My stomach knotted every day. And when I'd go to bed at night, I had nightmares that one of rough-looking guys would choose to harass me. And I found little comfort in the band director's assurance that we'd be fine. Every day, I took a deep breath and muddled my way through the crowd of threatening teens

One day, I was about to be tossed like a sack of potatoes into the dumpster, when Jeff appeared. He stood just at 5'10", a little scrawny too, but when Jeff stepped onto the scene, folks scattered. He stepped forward and fought our battles. I never understood why this sweet kid came to our recue but I was glad he did. When I rounded corner of the school I knew Jeff would be waiting to walk us through.

Fear makes us powerless and prevents us from moving forward. Sometimes it stops us from making good decisions. And if we surrender to it, we may never enjoy the pleasures of life. We'll always be afraid.

Moses stood at the Jordon River charging Joshua to look what God had led them through. They'd wiped the lands clean of the enemy. He reminded Joshua, not to be afraid because "God himself would fight for them." The promised land lay across the river, but it was full of dangers yet to be overcome. Fear was not an option.

I'd gotten through the troubled times of elementary school, and I was thankful for Jeff. I could have quit, let the fear win, but I didn't, because I trusted Jeff would be there. Even as an adult I've had fears-things that have grasped hold and squeezed until I could barely take a breath. Each time I faced these hardships, I remembered what Moses told Joshua. "God himself would fight for them."

What a reassurance to know we have a Father who is willing to step in front of the enemy and charge ahead. We only have to trust.

Are there fears that weigh you down? Unknown things that haunt you? Do not be afraid for God himself will fight for you. Give the fear to the Father, let the one with the power to overthrow, take your battle and win.

Cindy Dec 2005 Don't be afraid!

In Christ,

Cindy Sproles

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