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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Friday, December 21, 2007

Abundance and Faith...

“Where is your faith?” he asked his disciples. In fear and amazement they asked on another, ‘Who is this?’ He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him.”– Luke 8: 25

As much as we’d like to think we are a faithful people, we have great difficulty holding on to the belief that God will provide. Sometimes life is frightening and when we’re left to truly believe, the ballgame changes. It’s not an intentional thing, we’re just sometimes overcome by the incidents of life that overwhelm us. There are times even small things look like monsters and we wonder if there’s anyway we can possibly rid ourselves of the anxiety that accompanies them.

Perhaps God has blessed us with abundance. Everything has a price including abundance. However, it’s what we do with what we’re given that strengthens our faith. The Father promises us He’ll never allow us to be tempted more that we can withstand without offering us a way clear of the issue and He is faithful in His promise. When He blesses us with abundance, He doesn’t turn around and heap trouble on top of the mix, but there are times the joys we’re given, as wonderful as they are, bring along baggage. Our children are prime examples. What a joy, a blessing and an abundance to be blessed with a child. To hold those little babies in our arms, gaze into their eyes and know that this is what real love consists of, doesn’t mean things will always sail smoothly.

Our babies grow into teens, with hormones and deep running emotion. Suddenly the abundance we felt while holding them as infants turns into a source of animosity, hurt and frustration. In those moments of frustration we look to the heavens and wonder “What happened to that gift that was so precious?” That’s when Christ reminds us, “Where is our faith?” Life is not smooth sailing but our faith in the Father must remain strong, even when life looks bleak.

This morning I leaned back in my computer chair and flipped on the little heater next to my feet. I looked at the ceiling and suddenly, I saw the Father gazing down on me.

“Where’s your faith?” He asked me.

“Huh, am I not being faithful?”

“You question the path you follow? Where’s your faith?”

“Wait, I’m not questioning the path, just the obstacles along the way? I thought it would be easier but this way, as good as it is, gets harder.”

“Yep, everything is tied to a consequence somewhere along the road.” He gently blew in my face and moved the hair that dangled over my brow. “You can thank sin for that – the consequence that is. I wish I could tell you that abundance is free and clear, but it isn’t. When I bless you, there is always decisions to be made, things to be handled, people who are jealous and want what you have. So, it’s what you do with the things I give you. It’s the decisions you make that drive the joy of the gift.”

“So what do I do when the road gets hard?”

“Hold tight to the gift and the excitement of what lies within it, then use your faith. Set the gift before you in plain view, enjoy it, revile in it – but remain faithful in the tasks that brought the gift so freely to you. Others will prosper through your faithfulness. Never forget the prayers of hope you prayed, never forget where you were before you received your gift. Then make the efforts to grasp hold of Me and believe that I will get you through whatever obstacles crop up. Cling to me. I will always provide.”

“Oh, I understand. Take the gift, enjoy it but continue to work, don’t lean back on my duff and expect a free ride.”

“Well….” The father laughed, “That’s one way of putting it. “Sometimes the gift looks to big to absorb, but its not. I always provide a way. Don’t just sit there --persevere. Knuckle down and forge ahead. The gift is the gravy, your faith is the key.”

I’ve learned a lot recently from thses morning chats with the Father. He’s a pretty wise soul – has method to the madness. So I take my gifts of abundance and cherish them, but I dig in and forge ahead in faith. He, who even the storm obeys, has the answer. I just need the faith.

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