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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

His Promises

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I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.—Genesis 9:13

The rain started as a mist. I peered through the sunroof at a thunderhead looming above. Bubbles of clouds stacked one on the other, heavy with the tears of heaven, waiting. Our area is so dry. When the rest of the country suffers from fires and flooding, we see the beauty of a clear and cloudless sky—the down side, no rain.

I parked my car then pushed open the door. The rain dropped as God dowsed the earth. I slammed the door shut and watched as sheets of rain blew across the parking lot. Folks ran for the safety of their cars. For some reason that didn’t seem right. We’ve been drought stricken for months, why run from the rain? The water pelted my vehicle as I watched the edges of red, lavender and blue form across the sky. A rainbow climbed its way across the heavens and I was awed at the boldness of the colors the artist had painted.

There’s nothing more beautiful than a promise. Think about it. A promise is like a soul held tenderly in the hands of the Father—made, kept, and protected. For centuries God has drawn His rainbows across the sky reminding us of His presence and His promise, of His love and of His discipline. When I see a rainbow I’m reminded of the sin that caused the discipline and resulted in a consequence. I’m reminded of my own sin. By the same token, I see the promise of a loving forgiveness. One I am often unworthy to have.

A friend asked me, “So what about this God stuff? Do you really believe He answers prayers, keeps promises?”

I thought of the rainbow—a visual promise that is still faithful and true. I can’t hear God speak audibly, nor can I see Him. Why should I believe His promise where there is nothing about Him that my physical eyes can see? But He’s there and though He doesn’t answer every prayer the way I want, He keeps every promise He’s ever made, including the one to forgive me.

I opened the door and stepped into the rain, then lifted my face toward the sky. Water splashed over me and it felt wonderful. My hair dripped and my shirt was plastered tight to my skin. But I walked slow allowing the freshness of God’s rain to wash across me and resting assured that His promise still stands.

Do you believe in the promises of the rainbow? God promised He would never leave us, never abandon us, and He hasn’t. Open your heart to Him. Let him breathe the hope of a renewed freshness into you. He keeps His promises.

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