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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Isaiah 53 - A Sinners Paraphrase

Imagine that. Who would have ever dreamed that God would reveal himself in such a way? Definitely not what we expected, not what we anticipated. Certainly not what we deserved.

He was ordinary, soft and tender like a new plant lifting its stem from the dirt. Tender. Fragile yet deep rooted to withstand the elements. He wasn't especially handsome or if he was he was more on the plain side, he blended in -nothing especially unique about his looks that drew us to him.

Yet, people despised him for no apparent reason. Maybe because he was so gentle yet his tongue sharp. He wasn't afraid to teach. He wasn't ashamed to be different.

His own rejected him as though he were an unwanted stepchild, and he understood suffering and sorrow because he would knew it face to face. He was accustomed to being shunned. And his gentleness, as odd as it seemed, stung men -made them feel ashamed because true innocence is very convicting. He knew our souls not just us a people, but the deep part of our souls.

Still, through all the torment, rejection and pain, he took the things from us that made us ugly inside. He took these things on willingly. We didn't understand and we thought God hated him, had cursed him and turned his back on him. We took his love for us and insisted he be taken away because we refused to understand it.

But that wasn't the case at all. His heart was stabbed, pierced for the horrible things we had done. He took the nasty parts of us on his shoulders and as he carried them he was crushed down, and what should have been our punishment and pain - he took upon himself. Because he was wounded our souls were healed. It didn't seem right. Who could understand this type of sacrifice? Especially for a people who thought him so wrong. Why would he do this?

We go our own way, never looking back, never considering anything other than our own desires and still, God laid the weight of the world on his shoulders.

He was tortured, beaten and abused and never once did he say a word. Because of us and our stubbornness he was taken, and the judgment that should have been ours became his. He was murdered. That's what it was. Murder. And then in death he saw the wicked . Still he said nothing ill as he died - still he felt nothing for us but compassion And the guilt of our souls burned like a raging fire.

It was God's plan that he be treated this way because his life was to represent to us what a true guilt offering meant. He died for our guilt. He was innocent and we were wrong and we needed to see that in a fashion we take hold of.

After the agony of death he was allowed a newness of life. Something none other has been able to do. Proof that our debt has been satisfied. He justified me and I will give back to him a small portion of the rewards of this spiritual battle - a part of my soul. It's the least I can do for the one who did not hesitate to die for me. He poured his living soul into the pit of death for me. He carried my wrong doing and stood before the Lord in my behalf, pleading for me - the very one whom he died for stands begging for me before the God of the universe.

I am not sure I can ever understand it or fully grasp it. All this for me -someone he's never met face to face. All this for me.

All of this - for me.

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