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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Monday, September 24, 2007

"I Called but You Didn't Answer the Phone."

Then the Lord called Samuel. Samuel answered, “Here I am .” – 1 Samuel 3:4

Jason climbed into his new sports car. He leaned back in the seat and took in a long, deep breath. The smell of new leather brought a smile to his face. Starting the engine, he pressed the clutch and shifted into reverse. He’d always wanted a car like this but now that he owned it, nothing had changed. I ought to be the happiest guy in the universe. He rubbed the soft leather and smiled. Today his parking spot would hold the coolest car at the plant.

Jason pulled into the parking lot and popped the car into reverse, carefully backing his new car between the yellow lines. He climbed from his car and pressed lock on the keychain. Taking a few steps back, he admired the vehicle. There was a nagging sensation he’d forgotten something.

His car was the talk of the plant. Between the “atta boys and congratulations” one would have thought he’d won the presidential election. Jason made his way to his desk as his cell phone began to vibrate in his shirt pocket. He pulled it free from the shirt, only to read “unknown caller” on the i.d. Voice mail will get it.

During the 10 a.m. meeting his new purchase started the conversation. Jason beamed with pride. Everyone thought his car was great. Midway through the meeting his cell phone begin to vibrate across the conference table. Grabbing the cell he glanced at the i.d. then slipped it into his shirt pocket. Unknown again. Huh…must be a wrong number.

At home that evening, Jason pulled the curtains back from his apartment window and gazed down at the candy apple red sports car. That’s a beautiful piece of work. I guess I thought I ought to me more excited. He pulled the curtains closed just as his cell phone chimed from upstairs. He took the steps three at a time and then trotted into the bedroom. Taking the phone he peered at the LCD screen. Unknown number. Man, check your number buddy. I’ll check the voice mail tomorrow. He flipped off the light and crawled into bed still feeling “not quite right.” The phone rang one last time just as he dozed off to sleep. Still it went unanswered.

How often do we achieve the goals, or attain the possessions we desire, yet we still fell unfulfilled? Unfortunately, more frequently than we choose to admit. Happiness and contentment are not found within the possessions we have – not even solely within the friends and family we have. God calls us on a daily basis. He rarely calls us for huge tasks. More times than not, He may want us for something as simple as allowing someone with two grocery items to bypass us in a grocery line. He calls and calls and calls, but to no avail because we glance at the i.d. and never answer.

The Father never forgets our number and He dials us frequently, waiting patiently as the phone rings – hoping we’ll acknowledge Him, hoping we’ll want to hear what He has to say. Regardless of what we own, what job we hold, or what wealth we possess, there is still an emptiness; something is missing.

God’s call is relentless because He never gives up on us. His love overflows and His heart cries when we push Him to the side. As a result, our lives never seem quite right. We continually search for right possession to fill the void. His call is gentle yet persistent – consistent yet never overwhelming. The ring is there, so why do we fail to respond? When Christ comes, will we say, “Where were you when I needed you?” Then only to have Jesus reply, “I called but you did not answer.” Is your phone ringing? Answer.

Prayer: Father, we look for fulfillment in earthly pleasures, when all we have to do is answer Your call.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes we don't answer the phone because we are afraid of what God might want us to do.