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Welcome to Mountain Breeze Devotions --Cindy Sproles, author

Monday, September 8, 2008

Satan Himself

Click on this button to hear this devotion - Listen to Satan Himself - by Terri Kelly

"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7

Our dog Cleo believed any delivery truck or truck driver an evil adversary. If you own a dog, this may not be so peculiar to you unless you knew Cleo.

Cleo was a well-trained, suburban beagle. Her rabbit-chasing-lifestyle was subdued to live with us subdivision types. However, Cleo loved us, licked us, and occasionally chased rabbits. But, most of the time she just slept. I used to tell my husband, “She thinks she’s a cat. Look at her all curled up there.”

If the doorbell rang, she’d dutifully run to the door and bark. She’d wait for the visitor to pet her, then go back to napping. Everyone thought she was friendly and harmless.

She is friendly and harmless until she gets a whiff of diesel. Saliva dripping and teeth gnashing, the docile dog furiously tears into the tires and the ankles of the driver.

I always followed, yelling, “Stop Cleo.” But the driver was in dangerous territory in our driveway. There was little I could do to control her determination to eat the driver. I am sure, Cleo believed it was Satan himself.

It would be a pleasure to see the devil flee the premises just as Cleo chased away the brown trucks. Guess what? We are capable. God has the victory over Satan and we are the recipients of the package: the power of His blood to protect us. All we have to do is pray. God, please come, please protect me. Or, the prayer can be straight from the Bible--“he will flee from you.”

Sometimes I don’t see Satan coming. The adversary lands in my house, manipulating conversations from friendly and loving to biting and gnashing. Intercept Satan’s package; Claim God’s power. Say it. Pray it. Believe it.

The delivery truck driver didn’t avoid my house just because of a biting dog and Satan isn’t going to avoid you just because of God’s victory. Satan is mad and is not going to quit. However, God is the winner and He’s certainly not going to quit. Call on Him—He can smell Satan a mile away.

What package is the devil delivering to you --- self-doubt, perfectionism, criticism, greed, anger, apathy?

Do not be deceived--Satan is the biting dog.

Terri Kelly is blessed with a daughter and son and calls North Carolina home, with her husband, Allan. Allan and Terri work in their extra time on their business, www.davincisplayground.org, which is currently undergoing a transformation.

Terri Kelly holds a master's degree in elementary education and taught for 'umpteen' years prior to her current "stay-at-home mother" job. Writing pursuits include educational grants, children's curriculum, teacher's tips, and a children's book manuscript. Terri prays for words to write, words to teach, and words to keep silent.

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